The wait is over! HARDOCRE MECHA available now on

Oct 15

HARDCORE MECHA is now available on Nintendo Switch™ platform. Developed by Rocked Punch Games, published by Lightning Games. 

Players can now enjoy the Campaign (story) mode and multiplayer battle mode, It’s worth mentioning that in the multiplayer mode of the Nintendo Switch™ version, in addition to playing through online connection, players can also enjoy face-to-face combat with up to 4 people using the local connection, share the controller with another friend, and ejoy the game together!



HARDCORE MECHA has brought players a hype for mecha during last year, after the game was released on PS4.

It is a 2D mecha action shooter game, providing its players the most exciting, fierce and unique battle of steel. The game also took home over 10 indie awards including Tokyo Game Show. Feedback turned out positive and the game itself was on top of PlayStation Japan sales chart for weeks, and remained in the top 3 for over a month after its release.



In order to facilitate players to obtain the lates game news, and to communicate with other players, HARDCORE MECHA set up dedicated Facebook fan page,Twitter and Discord server, follow to join and receive the latest game information.



Facebook @rocketpunchgames